Underwater Robotics

Education   Empowerment   Economic Development

Building underwater robots exposes students to an enjoyable and engaging learning experience. MATE ROV competitions provide a unique structure and experience for students to experience real world problem based learning in a team environment. To prepare for the competition, students assume a specific role on the team – CEO, CFO, engineering lead, marketing lead, etc. Throughout the process, students develop skills in project management, technical writing, communication, teamwork, entrepreneurship and leadership.

In addition, the competition requires students to apply skills in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills and can spark interest in practical application of these competencies.

A sophomore student notes, “I’ve never been good at math but after getting into MATE, I’m getting solid straight A’s in math. It’s now my favorite subject.” While engaging in MATE, this same student has decided to pursue a career in project management and problem solving and plans to become a naval engineer.

To date, the MATE Center and its regional partners have coordinated 16 international and 240 regional ROV competitions that have involved nearly 20,000 students in grades 4-16. The investment to start a MATE team is nominal and the return can be extraordinary.

Visit www.marinetech.org to learn more about how to get started with MATE and underwater robotics.

Disaster Relief

Economic Development

When disaster strikes, Eastman often steps in. The Eastman Foundation, coupled with employee contributions, has regularly delivered aid to natural disaster victims through the American Red Cross, and also launches special matching gift campaigns when disasters affect employees and their families. Eastman products have also been useful in aiding recovery, such as application of the Rainstick water filtration system for emergency hydration and plasticizers (in piping) for resolving issues at a nuclear power plant.

Advancing Girls’ Opportunities in Appalachia for Learning and Success (A+GOALS)

Education   Empowerment   Economic Development

Literacy, Leadership and STEAM education are the focus of Eastman Foundation’s program, A+GOALS. Through creativity and discovery, the program creates a unique set of opportunities for young girls in rural southern Appalachia to learn, express herself and value herself.

A+GOALS is a two-week summer program, currently hosted at Emmett Elementary, in partnership with Sullivan County Schools. The Foundation understands the importance of providing educational experiences in the four years between childhood and adolescence to increase educational aspirations, self-confidence and world views. We make it possible for the families with bus transportation, two healthy meals, enrichment opportunities, and fun activities offered each day. Learn More

Recognizing 20 Under 20

Education   Empowerment   Economic Development

STREAMWORKS, an educational partnership powered by the Eastman Foundation, is celebrating outstanding individuals age 20 and under who demonstrate exemplary achievements in community service, entrepreneurialism, leadership, academics, and STEM activities. Beyond the recognition of these students, this initiative will spotlight the critical necessity of STEM education throughout the Appalachian Highlands region. Encouraging students to pursue science, technology, engineering, and math is vital to the survival of the workforce in our region as well as the nation’s economy.

Great Blue Challenge

Education   Environment   Empowerment   Economic Development

Eastman Foundation sponsored the two-year Great Blue Challenge initiative, advocating for action in addressing challenges and identifying innovative solutions to better understand our ocean. The Challenge was announced at the 2018 G7 Summit, in celebration of World Oceans Day. Grant recipients included a Robotic Video Reef Observations project at Marco Island Academy, Girls in Engineering and Maritime Science program at Oglethorpe Charter School, Low-Power Wave Energy Converter development at Mira Costa College, and other programs focused on promoting and advancing ocean science education.

Farm to table

Education   Environment   Empowerment   Economic Development

Eastman Foundation is a corporate partner for Appalachian Sustainable Development, a nonprofit organization that promotes improved access to healthy, garden-grown foods and sustainable agriculture and forestry in areas of Virginia and Tennessee. Currently, ASD supports nine programs that empower farmers and promote sustainability efforts. Eastman Foundation also participates in the ASD’s “Rooted in Appalachia” program by hosting a weekly farmers market at its Tennessee operations and corporate campus. Learn More

Understanding the ocean that connects our world

Empowerment   Economic Development

Because the ocean and ocean life are fundamental to our climate and weather systems, Eastman Foundation is supporting Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) in developing innovative ways to observe and measure ocean processes. These new instruments will allow scientists to collect data in new places and to deeper depths as they strive to understand the ocean's role in our climate and investigate how our changing planet affects ocean life and water systems. Learn More