Dr. Clayton Christensen to Headline IDEAcademy 2017

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Eastman is honored to welcome the architect of and the world's foremost authority on disruptive innovation – Dr. Clayton Christensen – as the keynote speaker for IDEAcademy 2017. Slated for Sept. 11-12, IDEAcademy is a free, multi-day event featuring thought leaders in the world of innovation and leadership. The theme of this year’s event – “Think. Again.” – opens the forum to a variety of topics and messages and will challenge attendees to consider different perspectives to drive innovative thought and collaboration. While the event is free, pre-registration is required. Learn More

Farm to table

Education   Environment   Empowerment   Economic Development

Eastman Foundation is a corporate partner for Appalachian Sustainable Development, a nonprofit organization that promotes improved access to healthy, garden-grown foods and sustainable agriculture and forestry in areas of Virginia and Tennessee. Currently, ASD supports nine programs that empower farmers and promote sustainability efforts. Eastman Foundation also participates in the ASD’s “Rooted in Appalachia” program by hosting a weekly farmers market at its Tennessee operations and corporate campus. Learn More

Understanding the ocean that connects our world

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Because the ocean and ocean life are fundamental to our climate and weather systems, Eastman Foundation is supporting Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (WHOI) in developing innovative ways to observe and measure ocean processes. These new instruments will allow scientists to collect data in new places and to deeper depths as they strive to understand the ocean's role in our climate and investigate how our changing planet affects ocean life and water systems. Learn More